About Badger Hitch

Badger Hitch is not your standard assembly line type of hitch company. Every hitch we make is hand made and tested prior to shipping. We do use an outside company to laser cut some of the components because of the accuracy of laser cutting plus we do not have the laser cutting equipment. All other parts we cut from raw stock we purchase from a steel supplier.

One of the benefits a small company has is that if we find a better way to make our hitch, we can implement that change quickly. In our early days of manufacturing our customers would make suggestions to improve the hitch and we would and did make changes during a hitch run. A larger company would need several months to digest the change and may or may not make a change. We believe if one customer would like something different to make the hitch work better for them we will make it happen, even down to the color of the hitch.

We do not have robots doing our welding; we have humans doing our welding. I believe in giving people a job to earn money, and if possible those people will be veterans. I know in the long run it is cheaper to hire robots than to hire humans, but life is not all about money. I didn’t start Badger Hitch to make a living; I have been retired from my HVAC career for over 20 years, I just want to make a superior suspension hitch that my customers can afford and will help them out and most importantly end up with a new friend. It is always best if my customer can come to our place to have a hitch installed and spend the night (we have a site w/elect). When that can happen we are able to spend time together and my wife enjoys showing off our little town to the ladies and doing some shopping. We have a great bakery in town too!

We have been known to do other things on our customer’s rig too. The last time we had a couple stay with us we ended up installing a set of shocks on his RV and found a bad brake magnet on one of the axles so we fixed that too. I thought if would be interesting to show just how much work goes into the making of a hitch, so I took the time to list everything we do from the beginning to the end in making a hitch.

When the time comes to purchase a new hitch be sure to check out Badger Hitch because we will doing everything in our power to make you satisfied with your purchase.