About Us

Badger Hitch LLC is a

5th wheel hitch manufacturing company that sells directly to our customers.

We specialize in energy absorbing hitches using closed cell urethane products which virtually eliminates the jerking in your truck

About Us

My experience with energy absorbing hitches started in 1998 after I purchased a used International medium duty truck (MDT) to tow my 40’ Travel Supreme trailer. I was towing with a 3500 Dodge truck with a V-10 gas engine. I always felt like the trailer was pushing me where I didn’t want to go, hence, the MDT. With the change to the MDT I felt like I was now in control. The problems started when every time we stopped we had to put the clothes back on the rack, the cabinet doors would be open, etc. Since I was new to the MDT experience I did not know what was going on so I started asking questions of every one I could talk to. In 1999 I was attending an RV rally in Tucson AZ and came across a company selling an air ride hitch. This would solve my problem, or so I thought so I purchased it. Now I was experiencing a different kind of problem. While the RV rode very nice, the truck now had a “bucking” action. Long story short, we designed a totally new style of air ride hitch; the “bucking” action was gone. A friend of mine, Steve Dobbs and I went on to form the Trailer Saver company and sold hundreds of hitches before I sold my share to Steve.

I was out of the hitch business until 2008 when I discovered the closed cell urethane air cell. I did some experimentation with them on a new style of hitch and went on to sell them under the name of Trailer Mate. Lippert Company acquired the rights to make and sell that product only to do nothing with it. After Lippert decided to abandon the project I designed another style of hitch and ended up transferring rights to it to Comfort Ride Hitch Co. In 2015I was totally retired and was really needed something to do so I took all of the experience I had gained over the years and designed and manufactured another style making it totally maintenance free and giving the trailer ride a true vertical lift ride. The benefit of this is the ride in the tow truck is really as though a trailer is not attached to it; the “bucking” action in now gone. Because of the simplicity of the hitch we also offer a limited lifetime warranty. We have towing capacities ranging from 15K lbs to 28K lbs and pin capacity of 3K lbs to 7K lbs.

Why Badger Hitch?

Because we practice the RV lifestyle, we understand the needs of the RVer when it comes to towing a 5th wheel trailer. Our many years of experience in designing and manufacturing hitches gives us an edge over the company who has never experienced the trials and tribulations of towing. We have been there and had to over come our problems. We are a small mid America family owned hitch business that designs and manufactures only 5th wheel hitches and related accessories. Our goal is to make your towing experience one that is non eventful! Since I have retired from my vocation many years ago my lively hood is not dependent on the sale of hitches, that is why I have cut out the dealer organization and am selling direct to the customer. The benefit to my customer is a quality hitch for much less money and even more important, when you have questions or concerns you will be in direct contact with me, the person who makes your hitch and owns the company.