What are Fifth Wheel Hitches? The fifth wheel hitch is actually one of the best hitches and towing equipment for the purposes of pulling large, wide, long, and tall vehicles across long distances and a variety of terrains. The hitch is, in appearance, a flat plate that is seemingly shaped like horseshoe. With the use [...]

What makes a good hitch

Every hitch has two components; a frame and a coupler The coupler on all hitches are not all the same, but all couplers do the same job. It is the coupler’s job to keep the trailer coupled to the towing vehicle. We believe simple is safe. The design of our coupler has only 10 components [...]


“Hello Jerry and Nora, Thank you for a smoother ride home than is usual for us. I actually got through with some sleep on the rough Michigan roadways. Also, NO CLOTHING OFF OUR CLOSET RACKS AND/OR SHELVES! And, I seem to recall Claude mentioning how much simpler the hitch was in hooking up. So, thank [...]

Todd & Tera

We wanted to shout out a BIG Thank You for all the time and knowledge you gave us on our new 5th wheel hitch. We have been travel trailer campers for 20+ yrs and switching to a 5th wheel has been an experience. You have helped us so much, with getting us the correct hitch […]