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Frequently Asked Questions

Our hitch virtually removes all of the jerking you feel in the tow vehicle. It also removes stress on the 5th wheel trailer and the contents.

If you are not experiencing jerking and everything in your trailer is riding smoothly, you probably will not benefit that much. Our hitches are all hand made and tested and all of our products are made in USA. We feel our products are equal to the largest named hitches on the market, hence, our limited lifetime warranty.

Our hitches are designed so maintenance is almost non existent as we use nylon bearings for lubrication. It is wise to check your hitch periodically and keep it clean.

We elected not to powder coat our hitches because that kind of coating is very susceptible to chipping and then rust starts. We elected to primer coat and then top coat with a high solids paint.

The number of air cells is determined by the capacity of the hitch.

We can ship any of our hitches via FedEx or common carrier and the cost varies upon the location it is going to. The price can vary from $80.00 to $200.00.

We elected not to have a dealer organization in order to help keep our price down. It also allows us to better know our customers needs and wants.

This is another reason for not having dealers, when you buy from us you will have a phone number that is answered anytime you call.

We have a 30 day guarantee that you can get a refund on the purchase price if you are not satisfied.

We can design and manufacture a hitch for you if one of our current models will not meet your needs.

We have in the past made a standard hitch but we feel we cannot be competitive with the larger manufactures when most of their products are made overseas, so at this time we do not have a line of standard hitches.

We strive to have hitches in stock at all times so we can ship within one day of receiving the order. If we don’t happen to have stock on a particular size the wait time can be 3-4 weeks.

Our hitches are designed to fit into a universal slotted rail system so all there is to installing the hitch is remove the 4 pins from your old hitch and re-install them after setting your new hitch in place.