Hitch Price Comparison

Badger Custom Hitch   Air Safe Hitch
15K $1,399.00   14K $1,995.00
17K $1,459.00   18K $2,395.00
19K $1,688.00   25K $2,795.00
21K $1,739.00        
24K $1,999.00        
28K $2,399.00        
Comfort Ride Hitch   Trailer Saver Hitch
18K $1890.00*   20K $2,595.00
24K $2590.00*   25K $2,995.00
30K $3490.00*   32K $3,495.00
Blue OX  
20K $1,537.00  

*denotes freight to lower 48 is included in price listed.

Prices listed above are taken from the internet.

All hitch companies use air springs in their hitches except for Badger Custom Hitch and Comfort

Ride Hitch, and they use closed cell urethane air cells. Blue Ox uses a rubber product in their hitch.