Pricing of Hitches

Some customers are questioning why the price of our hitches are so much less than our competitors. I don’t usually get into this subject on public domains but I have been told the prospective customer needs to understand my pricing philosophy. First, I don’t need to build and sell my products to make a living. I first retired 23 years ago and twice since then. I am not a person to sit idly around and do nothing. Since I have been involved in the hitch business since 1998 I guess it’s in my blood so to speak. I enjoy thinking of new and better ideas and then making them to see if they work. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. This current line of hitches I am making I feel are the best so far. So, my home, shop, tools, vehicles, etc, are all paid for, so my overhead is very little compared to a company who owes money on all of these items. Since I don’t have a large overhead to pay for I am able to charge my customers less for my products. I get pleasure from just talking to customers and hopefully helping them out even if they don’t purchase a hitch. Also, I am a veteran so I offer my fellow veterans a 10% discount for having given up 2 or more years of their life to serve this great nation.

I encourage anyone to stop by our facility for a free installation of your hitch installed and spend the night or two at our “campground”.