Sumo Springs, Why I Use Them

I have decided to use the Sumo Spring for my application in our suspension hitches.  While the cost is considerably more than the standard lineal compression Air Cell the benefits greatly out weigh the extra cost.  I am a believer in buy American and the Sumo Spring is the only manufacturer of the urethane spring made in America.  While doing the testing between the two different air cells the Sumo Spring provided a much smoother ride while being able to use fewer springs in the hitch.  This is not to say the original air cells I have used for years didn’t do a good job, it’s just that the Sumo Spring is better.  With the Sumo Spring being a progressive spring the more the compression the greater amount of weight it will support.  In the RV world it is not uncommon to load up the front end of the 5th Wheel.  With the original air cells we would need to add cells to carry the weight.  With the Sumo Springs if extra weight is added the springs will compress a little bit (1/4″ to 1/2″) to carry the extra weight while still giving you a smooth ride. The Sumo Springs are manufactured in 3 different load carrying capacities indicated by the color of the spring.  You can go to  to learn more about the Sumo Spring.