Turn Over Ball Mount

I have received several inquiries questioning if we are able to mount our hitch using the B&W turnover ball mount. The answer is YES. We have designed a prepriority fixture that replaces the original pin mount from B&W. When designing our hitches we knew from prior experience some customers who had the B&W Companion hitch (very good hitch) wanted a suspension hitch for a more comfortable ride, so our mounting system is not an add on system, but one designed from the beginning to work with our hitches. Our kit includes the new pin, 1-1/4 bolt, and lock washer. We also include two fixtures that bolt to the legs of the hitch. This gives the hitch more contact area on the bed of the truck, rather than just letting the legs set on the bed. As soon as I can I will be adding the kit to our accessory page along with pictures and pricing so keep an eye on our website for new happenings.